Digital In-Cab Infotainment, Entertainment & Advertising Solution


Established in mid 2018, iCabMedia is a product of a young and energetic startup with highly enthusiastic and tech savvy individuals working for this startup based in Mumbai - India.

iCabMedia provides Digital In-Taxi Infotainment, Entertainment & Advertising Solutions via a smart 7” digital display screen mounted inside the cab on the passenger back seat. To do so, we partner with local and multi national cab companies throughout to make the ride more entertaining for its cab passengers and also to provide more visibility to our clients and advertisers.

Our flagship product offers five (5) different varieties of advertising solutions to our clients in order to showcase and advertise their brands, products, services, offers, content, etc. for a captive and a targeted audience who have an undivided attention while in transit everyday.

To cater to its clients requirements, not only do we provide the Digital In-Taxi Advertising Solutions but also offer a variety of Add-On services such as Taxi Door Wraps, Lit Roof Tops and Internal Non-Digital (Print) Advertising Solutions.